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brass twist & vermeil earrings

snowy agate & vermeil thread necklace

rutilated quartz drop earrings

rutilated quart pendant

snowy agate teardrop earrings

iron ore spike earrings

quartz & brass necklace

natural edge kyanite earrings

black tourmaline & vermeil spikes

silverplate cuff bracelet

oxidized silver necklace with quartz accent

druzy geode hoop earrings

pyrite & jasper necklace

jade & sterling cuff necklace

moss agate earrings

jasper pendant

jasper collar necklace

jasper slice necklace

chalcedony pendant

turquoise & silver chain earrings

turquoise slice necklace

amethyst stalactite slice necklace

lavender amethyst necklace

druzy amethyst & oxidized silver pendant

druzy geode & mesh cord pendant

onyx triangle bracelet

cracked geode earrings

faceted clear quartz earrings

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